Presentation Schedule 

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All times are EST.

Day 4 - Friday, October 28th

11am John Lee Dumas 

EO Fire

How To Be More Productive With The Time You Have

12pm Yomarit Eveland 

How To Make Money Flipping Plants

1pm William Crawford

Reseller Madness

Expert Negotiation: The Secrets to Making Amazing Deals!

2pm John Muscarello

Side Hustle Experiment

How to Make Money Selling on Amazon … It’s Easier than You Think

3pm Rob + Melissa Stephenson

Flea Market Flipper

This High Profit Niche Can Make You $500-$2,000 In One Flip

Day 1 - Tuesday, October 25th

11am Rachel Strickland

Mindset Coach & Motivational Speaker

Audacious Goals - Motivation and Discipline to Finish The Race

12pm Ray & Dustin

The Nashville Flippers 

Tips For Finding Profitable Items At The Amazon Bin Stores

1pm Jon

Flippin Aint Easy

My Top Tips For Winning With Liquidation

2pm Liz & Casey Kellogg

Freeway Flippers

How to Start and Build your own Private Label Brand on Amazon

3pm Kristin Smith & Kacey Stout

BB Frösh

How to Flip Furniture and Make a Profit

4pm Nick Loper


5 Business Breakthroughs that Helped 3x My Business

Day 2 - Wednesday, October 26th 

11am Kristin

A Rural Squirrel

Using the Goodwill Bins to Make More Money In Your Reselling Business

12pm Amira Irfan

A Self Guru

When Do You Need An LLC For Your Reselling Business?

1pm Dalton Lanning

Dealing With Dalton

How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Business By Finding Your Niche

2pm Jenny Lane

Digital Marketer & Strategist

How To Flip Your Content For Cash

3pm Scot Kelly

Cha-Ching King

How To Buy A Profitable Storage Locker

4pm Jason T. Smith

Fashion Reseller

Dead Media Isn't Actually Dead, It's Selling On Ebay

9pm Josh Dzime-Assison


Day 3 - Thursday, October 27th

11am Sammy Davis

Vintage Boss Babes

How to Sell Secondhand Clothing Using the Power of Facebook LIVE

12pm Remy Saldivar

Learn to Phone Flip

How To Start A Side Hustle Flipping Phones On eBay

1pm Mark Tew, CPA


End of Year Tax Tune-Up

2pm Drew Freedman

Profit Monsters

5 Pitfalls New And Veteran Resellers Make And How To Avoid Them

3pm Riley

Sneakerhead Ambition

How to Source and Sell Sneakers at Scale

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