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Josh Dzime-Assison


Presentation: Why Cross-Posting Is Vital To Your Business - And How To Do It More Time Efficiently

Josh has been a successful full-time reseller for over 15 years. He opened a sneaker store at the age of 20 and has also worked as an Image Consultant and Stylist for numerous musicians and professional athletes. Josh has a keen eye for fashion trends and his skill set has made him into an up-and-coming reselling influencer on social media. He is a co-founder of Vendoo and leads the marketing team as the Chief Marketing Officer.

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Day 1 - Tuesday, October 25th

Rachel Strickland

Mindset Coach & Motivational Speaker

Presentation: Audacious Goals - Motivation and Discipline to Finish The Race

Rachel Strickland is a full-time reseller specializing in vintage and designer goods. She started reselling to enable her to spend as much time as possible with her family and has since developed it into a multi-faceted business reaching others with free reselling education online. She specializes in vintage and designer goods. She is passionate about helping others see their potential not only in reselling but in life. 

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Ray & Dustin

The Nashville Flippers 

Presentation: Tips For Finding Profitable Items At The Amazon Bin Stores

Ray and Dustin are The Nashville flippers are a duo of amazing pickers and flippers that live in the Nashville area. They have been reselling Part time for 6 years. They go everywhere looking for the best deals for them to flip online for profit. Their favorite place to find profitable items are the Amazon liquidation bins. 

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Flippin Aint Easy

Presentation: My Top Tips For Winning With Liquidation

I am just an every day reseller who wants to help others learn and apply what I have. This passion to help people stems from working 26 years in the corporate world and many of those years I spent mentoring and training others. When my office closed in 2019, I left the company to pursue a full time reselling career with only part time selling knowledge to fall back on. The first year of full time was where I learned (from my own mistakes) how to resell the right way. At the start of 2020, I decided to create a channel about my reselling experience in an effort to help others and we launched the Flippin Aint Easy channel on Youtube where we make videos aimed at helping everyday resellers understand the ins, outs and the ever evolving platform called ebay.  

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Liz & Casey Kellogg

Freeway Flippers

Presentation: How to Start and Build your own Private Label Brand on Amazon

We're Liz & Casey, a full time reselling couple. We sell private label products on Amazon and resell on eBay. Our mission is to help and inspire others to make money outside a traditional W2 job. 

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Kristin Smith & Kacey Stout

BB Frösh

Presentation: How to Flip Furniture and Make a Profit

Kristin Smith and Kacey Stout are the mother-daughter duo behind BB Frösch. Kristin developed BB Frösch Paint Transformer, the affordable and premium alternative to expensive pre-mixed chalk paint. Together, Kristin and Kacey transform dated, forgotten, kicked-to-the-curb and treasured furniture and teach others to do the same. Our motto is to leave furniture and people better than we find them. We call it The Frösch Effect.

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Nick Loper


Presentation: 5 Business Breakthroughs that Helped 3x My Business

 Nick Loper helps people earn money outside of their day job. He's an author, online entrepreneur, and host of the award-winning Side Hustle Show podcast, which features new part-time business ideas each week. As Chief Side Hustler at, he loves deconstructing the tactics and strategies behind building extra income streams.

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Day 2 - Wednesday, October 26th


A Rural Squirrel

Presentation: Using the Goodwill Bins to Make More Money In Your Reselling Business

Kristin is a mom of 4, a Gigi to 5, a volleyball coach and a long time thrifter. She has been on Ebay for 25 years and remembers when Ebay listings didn't even require a photo! 
Kristin is on Instagram and Youtube and enjoys the community interaction.
She has been a full-time reseller for nearly 10 years and acquires her inventory from lots of different sources but almost primarily gets it from Goodwill Outlets, or what we all call, the bins. She's almost exclusively sourced there for the last 9 years and would love to help you learn how to effectively source there too.

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Amira Irfan

A Self Guru

Presentation: When Do You Need An LLC For Your Reselling Business?

Amira Irfan is a business lawyer and seven-figure blogger behind A Self Guru, an online company that helps entrepreneurs legally protect their businesses by providing affordable legal templates and services. Amira has had the honor of helping over 50,000 entrepreneurs comply with the laws and safeguard their businesses. Her work has been featured on Ticker News, Yahoo Finance, Business Digest Magazine, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, International Business Times, US Times Now, and more!

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Dalton Lanning

Dealing With Dalton

Presentation: How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Business By Finding Your Niche

I've been a full time reseller since 2019 who specializes in shoes! I mainly source my shoes at thrift stores & flea markets, and I sell them on eBay & Poshmark.

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Jenny Lane

Digital Marketer & Strategist

Presentation: How To Flip Your Content For Cash

Jenny is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. She loves to ideate strategy and helps coaches and course creators add additional passive incomes to their business by turning their content into workbooks on amazon, the world's largest retailer.

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Scot Kelly

Cha-Ching King

Presentation: How To Buy A Profitable Storage Locker

 We are a husband and wife team of resellers. I retired from a wonderful career in education to focus on our online business in 2018. We sell lots of vintage clothing and other unique and rare items. We recently passed $300,000 in lifetime sales on eBay.

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Jason T. Smith

Fashion Reseller

Presentation: Dead Media Isn't Actually Dead, It's Selling On Ebay

America’s 1 Thrift Hunter”, Jason T. Smith's thrifting exploits has lead him to have his own TV show, Thrift Hunters (Spike) and after that ended as a thrift expert on Pawn Stars (History Channel). Thrifting since he was 6, Jason has seen it all and thrifted it all, with a heavy emphasis on flipping media (CDs, cassettes, records, movies, etc.). Jason was called to Washington DC, twice, to present in front of the U.S. Congress and lobby on behalf of small business owners in support of the Marketplace Fairness Act. Jason loves to help thrifters and resellers in his FREE Facebook group, The Thrifting Board where 60,000 resellers or all sizes hang out all day sharing and helping each ot

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Day 3 - Thursday, October 27th

Sammy Davis

Vintage Boss Babes

Presentation: How to Sell Secondhand Clothing Using the Power of Facebook LIVE

Sammy Davis is the founder of VINTAGE BOSS BABES, a buy/sell vintage & secondhand clothing LIVE sales platform. She works to help connect vintage sellers to reliable, hungry customers through the power of community and LIVE selling. The VINTAGE BOSS BABES platforms generates an estimated $15,000+ in revenue amongst sellers per month. Her first clothing flip was her 1920s prom dress on eBay in 2003. She's been hooked ever since. 

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Remy Saldivar

Learn to Phone Flip

Presentation: How To Start A Side Hustle Flipping Phones On eBay

Started selling on eBay back in 2003. Made some money, but never anything breathtaking. It wasn't until I found the underground world of phone flipping that the profits really started to kick in. 6 months into that journey I replaced my 9-5 income. 3 years in my wife quit her 9-5 job to come home with me and the kids. 

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Mark Tew, CPA


Presentation: End of Year Tax Tune-Up

 Mark Tew is a CPA who specializes in helping resellers optimize their taxes and profitability. After deciding that there was a better option than the soul sucking life of public accounting, he created Not Your Dad's CPA. He has helped thousands of resellers save money and attain peace of mind about taxes. He also runs his own reselling side business, so he knows a thing or two about how to navigate the tax and accounting side of ecommerce. Mark enjoys Mexican food, movies, volleyball, and hanging out with his family.

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Drew Freedman

Profit Monsters

Presentation: 5 Pitfalls New And Veteran Resellers Make And How To Avoid Them

I am a full time reseller, entrepreneur, realtor, dad, and micro influencer who is sharing and documenting my journey of self employment online. I have owned multiple businesses, currently have 1 rental property and building my real estate portfolio. I sell on eBay, poshmark, depop and whatnot and have experience in many areas of reselling/flipping.

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Sneakerhead Ambition

Presentation: How to Source and Sell Sneakers at Scale

My name is Riley and I am the owner of Sneakerhead Ambition, which is my sneaker reselling business! I am a former teacher, who got his MBA while teaching and worked to develop a reselling business from strictly yard sales and estate sales. After falling down the YouTube reselling rabbit hole, I looked to find items that I knew about and could source on a daily basis, since I couldn't really plan on yard sales happening 24/7/365! After starting to sell shoes, I realized that I could source them every single day. That was four years ago, and today I have sold over 8K pairs of shoes netting over 1 million in total sales! 

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Day 4 - Friday, October 28th

John Lee Dumas 

EO Fire

Presentation: How To Be More Productive With The Time You Have

John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of the Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast, where he has interviewed over 3,000 entrepreneurs. Today, he’s going to talk about how he produces a daily podcast by working only 1 day a week. He’ll share tips for increasing your efficiency and productivity.

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Yomarit Eveland 

Presentation: How To Make Money Flipping Plants

Jo Eveland is a plant flipper in Orlando, Florida. Jo wasn’t always a fan of plants, but she is a business woman, and she saw an opportunity to make money. During the pandemic she saw a pink plant and wanted it, but wasn’t able to get it so she had to keep searching for it, which led her into the world of plants, propagation, and realizing she could become a plant reseller. She’s going to share some tips on how she runs her plant flipping business.

William Crawford

Reseller Madness

Presentation: Expert Negotiation: The Secrets to Making Amazing Deals!

Will started by flipping yard sale video games for his personal collection. After realizing there was way more potential in flipping, he began making bigger and bigger deals: from community sales, to estate deals and buying out a clothing store in liquidation. It was a rush for him, and it quickly solidified into a strong business model.
  The excitement of reselling was too much to keep to himself. With a background in Hollywood, it was inevitable that he would launch a Youtube channel about his reselling business. He blends equal parts business savvy and goofball humor together into Reseller Madness. 

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John Muscarello

Side Hustle Experiment

Presentation: How to Make Money Selling on Amazon … It’s Easier than You Think

John Muscarello is a full-time Amazon seller and the founder of Side Hustle Experiment. His company teaches people how to make meaningful money selling on Amazon. To date he has done over $1 Million in sales since he started 4 years ago. John got his start flipping furniture locally, then started selling used books on Amazon which allowed him to quit his full-time job. Last year he pivoted his business model from books to online arbitrage . He has been featured on CNBC and many of the big podcasts in the reselling space. His main goal is to help everyday people make money so they can live life on their terms.

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Rob + Melissa Stephenson

Flea Market Flipper

Presentation: This High Profit Niche Can Make You $500-$2,000 In One Flip

Rob has been reselling on eBay for 25 years. Melissa married into it 14 years ago and together they resell and coach others how to grow their flipping business. 
They specialize in higher profit items so they can spend more time as a family.
Their kids are also learning the ropes and have their own ebay account where they can start making extra money by reselling.

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