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Ready to scale your business to $5K-$15K+/month with high profit items?

and WITH our hands-on help! 

That's right, we want to dive into YOUR business for the next 12 months and make it next to impossible for you not to double or triple your current flipping revenue (and profits!) 

So what exactly does that look like?

We will take your current revenue and map out a gameplan on our one-on-one strategy call in the beginning of the 12 months.

See what some of our coaching clients have been doing!

So What Exactly is included in the 1-on-1 coaching?

Everything You Get When You Jump Into The Coaching Program Today

1-on-1 Strategy Calls

We will be hands on in your business!

After 8 years of working with people to help them grow their flipping business, we've created a formula to ensure you hit your monthly income goals. We've seen it work over and over and we KNOW it can work for you!

$4,997 Value

Small Group Accountability

We know the power of a small group and we will only have 15 spots available for this coaching group.

Which means you'll get more time for you and your business and you get closer to the people who have similar goals as you.

We will be doing biweekly Zoom calls to make sure everyone is on track.

$1,200 Value

Listing & Store Reviews

We will be available to check your listings and your store periodically to make sure you are utilizing as many things as possible to get your items sold.  

$2,997 Value

$2,000 Inventory Guarantee! (Each Month!)

We know one of the biggest obstacles you may face is finding those high profit items at a reasonable cost.

We will be sending you items in your area monthly and also be working with you closely to help you find more of those items.

Our goal is to help you double or triple your ebay inventory with high profit items.

$24,000 Value

$85K+ Worth Of Masterminds/Coaching

We are firm believers in constantly learning. We have always invested in courses, coaches, masterminds, and events, (even when we didn't think we could make it work) and we want to bring that knowledge to you.

We have been a part of coaching programs that were great and not-so-great and we have learned from all of them!

We've invested over $85K in coaches and masterminds to help us scale our business and you will get access to what we have learned over the past 7 years.

$85,000 Value

Future Coach Certification Application

We want you to have great success with our high profit/low volume business model.

And we want to be able to offer things like this to others in the future.

Many of you know I have worked closely with Stacy Gallego & Joanna Bradley over the past few years and they are a huge part in helping us help others.

We are extending that invitation to you.

At the end of the 6 month program you can apply to be one of our coaches to help others with their flipping business. (And yes, it's a paid position.)

Unlimited Potential Opportunity

Check out what current clients are doing with their flipping businesses!

Only a few spots left!

On the fence? We know that feeling all too well.

We are more than happy to jump on a quick phone call to see if this is a good fit for you. You can book a call here on the next page as long as spots are still available.

Flea Market Flipper 2 png

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