Ready To Make MORE Profit Per Item? 

Make $1,000 - $2,000 PER Flip by learning how to freight ship!

Freight shipping completely changed the game for our flipping gig back in 2016 - We were able to make way more money for our time invested in our flipping gig.
Our first year we started with freight shipping we hit $133,000 and that was NOT with full-time hours

Selling higher profit items helps you increase your flipping profits without adding more time to your day.

Brandon & Kris hit the ground running and made $2,700 on their first sale with us! 
Yep - It was an item that needed to be shipped freight!
They paid $75 for this basketball shooter and invested another $135 to fix the motor. Sold it the next month for $2,700!!

Why does this business model work so well?

If these items are really worth so much money how can we get them so cheap?

Because we will ship them.

The reason you can find some of these high profit items so cheap is because people will only list them in their local market. Most people don't want to deal with the shipping part. 
But lucky for you, once you learn the skill of shipping items freight, a whole new world of profits open up! 

Here are a few items that made a great profit because we were willing to ship them:

This patio set we picked for $40 on OfferUp and sold for $1,600 on ebay

This leaf blower I picked up at an auction for $40 and sold on ebay for $600

I picked two of these printers from a thrift store for $30 each and sold for $600 each 

This Carousel Horse we picked for $175 at a flea market and sold it on ebay for $1,299

We picked this oven from OfferUp for $275 and sold it on eBay for $2,700!

But can I do this?

Learning freight shipping isn't for everyone. 
But it can be for anyone! 
Take Lisa for example:
 She did her first freight shipment with no truck or trailer AND she lived in an apartment.
But she figured out a way and even after renting a truck and trailer and all her fees she made a  $600 profit on her first freight item! 

Todd had no prior experience flipping, yet when he jumped in, he did it with both feet!
He will be the first to tell you that as a Pharmacuetical sales rep, he is not the most handy person.
But he was able to learn how to find or create a pallet, get his items shipped, and made thousands of dollars in the process. 
This icee machine was one of his first freaight shipments and he made over $2,000 on it!  

Jack and Joan are averaging $10K/month on ebay and most of their items are larger items. 
Look at that everage price per item - over $600!
And they are doing this in retirement because they enjoy it!
These two impress me with how much they took the wheel and ran with it.

Bailey had her largest ebay sale to date this year! 
And it was a freight item. 
It was a rapid cook toaster oven that she picked for $100 and sold for $3,434! 

These are all regular people who made the decision to sell higher profit items with their flipping biz.
And you can too! 
And we are here to help you make it a reality.

So instead of spending more time cleaning items, taking pictures and listing, let us help you make more for your time! 
We are all about working smarter, not harder. 
(Yes, there's still work involved, but let's make more for your time.)

By Jumping Into The Freight Course Today You Will Learn:

  • ​How To List Your Items With Freight Shipping
  • ​How To Get The Cheapest Price For Shipping Freight (We Have A Group Rate For Our Members!!)
  • ​How To Create The BOL (Bill Of Lading)- this is your shipping label
  • ​How To Find Or Create The Right Size Pallet
  • ​How To Properly Secure Your Item To The Pallet
  • ​Other Options If You Don't Have A Truck Or Trailer
  • ​And MORE! You Get Ongoing Access To The Course​!

And You Will Also Get These FOUR Bonuses!

Sourcing Workshop

(Valued At $497)

In this workshop we go through how we find great deals on items and can usually 10X our investment (Our goal is if we invest $100, we make $1,000 - and we usually hit it!)

4-Week Freight Training Bootcamp

(Valued At $899)

We dove into an intensive 4 weeks of how-to trainings in this bootcamp and put it together in one spot for you!

Access to our new High Profit Appliance Flipping Course

(Valued at $1,997)

We realized recently that we gravitate towards appliances because there is SO MUCH money to be made on them. 
We easily 10x our investment on them and we have many members doing the same!
If you jump into the freight course today, you will get access to our new High Profit Appliance Flipping Course! (This bonus will be going away soon!!)

Walking You Through Your First Freight Shipment 

(Valued at $1,990)

Not only will we help you find some high profit items, we are going to walk you through your first freight shipment once you have your first sale!

So if you are ready to start making $1,000 - $2,000 per FLIP, the freight shipping course is perfect for you!
And NOW is the perfect time to jump in because this is the lowest price you will ever see!
The best part is, you can cover the investment with ONE freight flip!
By joining today you will get:

  •  Freight Shipping Course                                                                               ($3,500 Value)
  • Sourcing Workshop                                                                                        ($2,000 Value)
  • 4 Week Make Your First $1,000 Flip Training                                             ($1,000 Value)
  • Access to Appliance Flipping Course.                                                         ($1,997 Value)
  • ​6 Months Of​ Community Support FREE                                                      ($997 Value)
  • ​MEMBERS PRICE FOR FREIGHT SHIPMENTS.                                          ($1,000+ - ???)

Total Value $5,878

Regular Price: $1,997

Today's Limited Price: $997

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