Doors to Flipper University are open for 24 hours. 

Earn an extra $500-$2,000 per month Reselling Thrift, Marketplace, and Yard Sale finds

(and have a flexible income from anywhere without long hours)

Flipper University

teaches you how to transform your bargain-hunting passion into a way to generate extra income - even if you have no prior experience!

Do you....

  • ​get an extra pep in your step on the weekend when there are yard sales to be found?
  • ​look forward to getting off work so you can pop into a thrift store on the way home?
  • ​find yourself scrolling through reselling apps while watching tv
  • ​love to turn something old and undervalued into something new and loved again?

Did you nod your head several times there? Yep?

That means you probably have what it takes to be a great flipper.

It doesn't matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, a retiree, a millennial, or an employee who hates their 9-5 desk job.

Start making an extra income doing
 something you love.

Hi! I'm Rob.

I help people make an extra income by flipping items - no matter what level of experience you are starting from.

My passion for flipping started when I was a kid and went to yard sales every weekend with my family. (I have 6 older sisters so my parents were frequently hunting for bargains.)
I started selling some of the things I would find when I was 16 - and haven't stopped since! It has now grown from a side gig to providing for our family of 5. And I wouldn't change a thing! 

I wanted to share my passion for flipping with you - so you can grow your reselling business like I did! That's why I created Flipper University with my wife Melissa.

Students from Flipper University love to share their excitement!

There's so much about flipping to LOVE!

Think about what your goals are.

Do you want to...

  • ​have the financial freedom to stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • ​plan a yearly family getaway
  • ​not worry how you will make your next car payment
  • ​be able to renovate the bathroom? put in carpet? replace the leaky roof?
  • ​just have some extra spending money each month to spend on yourself

Or maybe it's go BIG and quit your 9-5 schedule!

Forget sitting in rush hour traffic and reporting to a boss you don't get along with. Stop having to ask for  time off work when you have to take your kid to a doctor appointment or a sporting event. 

You get control of your day!

You get to decide to go for a run in the middle of the day, or choose to work more late at night if you are a night owl.You can take advantage of things like grocery shopping when it's not busy, make appointments when it's convenient, and go on your kid's field trip without having to 'take a day off'.

You get the idea - working remotely is awesome! 

And it's time to make it YOURS.

Pro Flipper Package


Beginner + intermediate course

 Member's coaching group

Lifetime access to Flipper U updates

Pro Flipper Plus Package


Beginner + intermediate course + freight shipping video course

Member's coaching group

Furniture shipping workshop

Lifetime access to updates

Are YOU ready to be a Pro Flipper?

We created The Pro Flipper Club which is exclusively for Flipper University students who have cumulatively made $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, and $100,000+ from flipping items.
We want to celebrate each milestone with you along the way! 
We mail out Pro Flipper shirts, mugs, certificates and more to each of our members that hit a new goal! 

Meet a few of our PRO FLIPPER CLUB members

$1K Club Members

Here are a few of our students that have earned at least $1000 from flipping

Christine Caycho

Debbie Nichols

Linda Levin

Albert Bennett

Dorothy Young

Toni Torres

Nikki Henderson

Sue Pirtle

TJ Slingsby

Brandon & Kris Brazier

Joy Lipscomb

Cindy Dillahunty

Ashleigh McGarity

Mario Valdez

Angie Hoffman

Lindley Greene

Bryn Drescher

Lisa Lykins

Eric Schroeder

Michael McCormick

Kipp Jenson

Cindy Vidales

Mark Welman

Cindy Caradine

$5K Club Members

Kemper Kefauver

Becca Stevick

Linda Rushing

Matt Shirley

Linda Pucel

Lisa Tantone

Alex & Kim Burt

$10K Club Members

Beau Hunter

Brandon & Stephanie

Stacy Gallego

Kelly O'Keefe

Julia Smith

Marion  Quaderer

Ron S.

Paul & Melissa Preble

Ready for a career in flipping items?

This course is packed with...

  • ​45+ lessons in 13 modules
  • ​PDF downloads for listing worksheets, bonus guides, & more
  • ​Excel spreadsheets for income/expense records
  • ​Video tutorials on what we do for for finding, listing, selling & shipping


             Module 1: Getting Started


Getting started in your reselling businessUnit 1 - Welcome! 
Unit 2 - The Pros and Cons of Reselling 
Unit 3 - Clearing Out The Clutter 

         Module 2: Finding FREE Items to Resell  


Ways to find free items to resell: where to look and what to look forUnit 1 - Ways to Find Items For FREE 
Unit 2 - What Items to Look For 

               Module 3: Setting up Your eBay                       and PayPal Accounts  


How to set up your eBay and Paypal accounts to get ready to sell!Unit 1 - How to Set Up Your eBay Account [video] 
Unit 2 - How to Set Up a PayPal Account 
Unit 3 - Getting Feedback to Start Selling 

         Module 4: How to List an Item on eBay  


The ins and outs of pricing and listing an item for eBayUnit 1 - Pricing an Item 
Unit 2 - Writing a Good Description 
Unit 3 - Auction vs. Fixed Price Format 
Unit 4 - UPS, Fed EX, or USPS? Which to use? 
Unit 5 - Calculated vs Flat Rate Shipping 

              Module 3: Setting up Your eBay and PayPal Accounts  


The basics of shipping small to medium sized itemsUnit 1 - How To Package Small Items 
Unit 2 - How to Cut Down a Box For Shipping 
Unit 3 - How to Print a Shipping Label Through eBay 
Unit 4 - What's Next? 


               Module 1: Welcome


Welcome to Flea Market Flipper University Intermediate CourseUnit 1 - Welcome! 
Unit 2 - Does Buying and Reselling Take Advantage of People? 

         Module 2: Sourcing Items 


What items to look for and where to find those items.Unit 1 - Where to Find The Best Items to Flip 
Unit 2 - Finding Items of Value 
Unit 3 - How to Use OfferUp to Find Great Items to Resell 
Unit 4 - How to Use Facebook to Find Items to Resell 
Unit 5 - Negotiating the Sale 

               Module 3: Getting your items                           ready to sell


How to get your items ready to sell for the highest profit.Unit 1 - Cleaning Up and Fixing an Item 
Unit 2 - Taking Great Pictures! 

         Module 4: Selling on eBay

We will piggy back off the beginner course and dive deeper into selling on eBayUnit 1 - How to List an Item on eBay - Basic Overview 
Unit 2 - Personal vs. Business Account 
Unit 3 - Regular Account vs eBay Store 
Unit 4 - Improving eBay SEO 
Unit 6 - Refunds and Returns 
Unit 7 - How to Become a Top Rated Seller 
Unit 8 - How to Get Rid of Negative Feedback 

How to package and ship items you sell.Unit 1 - Packaging Materials 
Unit 2 - How to Package Medium & Large Items For FedEx and UPS 
Unit 3 - How to Save Money on Your Shipping Labels 
Unit 4 - Shipping Insurance 
Unit 5 - How to make a shipping insurance claim

               Module 7: Keeping Good Records


Here comes the not-so-fun stuff. A least for me. But it's essential for running a successful business. In this module we will discuss accounting, bookkeeping, & taxes.Unit 1 - Setting Up Your Business 
Unit 2 - Taxes 
Unit 3 - Keeping Good Records 

         Module 8: Resources


This module is where you will find the quick links to all the resources mentioned in the course.Unit 1 - Resources | Quick Links 
Unit 2 - What's Next? 

Freight Shipping

               Module 1: Getting Started


Welcome to the Advanced Freight Flipper University Course!Unit 1 - Welcome 
Unit 2 - How to List an Item with Freight Shipping on eBay 

         Module 2: Boxing, Palleting, and Crating Large Items  


In this module we will take you through several examples step-by-step of boxing, palleting and crating large items.Unit 1 - How to Determine if You Need to Ship UPS/FedEx or Freight 
Unit 2 - Boxing Large Items 
Unit 3 - Palleting items to ship 
Unit 4 - How to Crate Items for Freight Shipping 

              Module 3: Getting Quotes and Shipping Out Your Items


In this module we will talk about getting quotes and the process of dropping off or scheduling pick ups for your items.Unit 1 - Getting Freight Quotes 
Unit 2 - Freight Pick Up VS Terminal Drop Off 
Unit 3 - What's Next?

Plus... All of These Bonus Resources

To top it off, I'm including 5 BONUSES for people who watched the entire webinar! 

Sourcing Guide

The best places to find items to flip

In this guide we share with you some of our favorite places to source items. Where to find good items to flip is one of the top questions we get asked. There is an unlimited amount of bargains to be found if you are looking in the right places. 

Buyer's Guide

Our top 100 items to flip

With the plethora of items available to flip, how do you know where to start? Don't let the amount of items overwhelm you. Take our top 100 items that we have sold over the years, and start with those. It will give you a leg up in getting started by cutting down your time trying to figure out what is a good buy. 

Ultimate Tax Guide

Don't let the idea of taxes stop you from doing a hustle you love!
This step-by-step guide to setting up your business right will help you gain confidence when it comes to tax time.

Shipping 101 Library

Everything you need to know about shipping items for eBay is in this shipping 101 library.

Coaching Group

Member's only coaching group.

You will get access to our member's only coaching group. It's a phenomenal group that do personal coaching, live trainings every month, live coaching Q& A calls, and we have hired several other veteran flippers to make sure your questions are answered in a very timely manner. 

And just in case you thought that was it... 

I have TWO more SUPER BONUSES for you!

Super Bonus 1

Shoe Flipping Workshop

This workshop teaches you a special niche to get started with flipping - SHOES!
It covers where to find them, what brands to look for, how to clean them, list them & ship them! 

Super Bonus 2

Freight Shipping Workshop

Freight shipping is a GAME CHANGER in this business. Especially for furniture flippers!
This 6 week workshop is full of hands-on demonstrations on how to ship freight.

Don't just take my word for it!

See what some of my graduates have said...

Now, before we get started there's something you need to know...

With this course I give you ALL the tools necessary to be a successful flipper...

But it's up to YOU to decide to use them.

There will be work involved.

So if you don't want to put in the effort to learn the skills, then this is not the course for you.

But if you are ready to put in the effort

If you are ready to learn the skills 

If you are ready to succeed...

   Then there's only one thing left to do 

Are you ready to be our next success story?

Flipper University is an asset investment. Rather than losing money on that big screen t.v. that's going to depreciate over the next few years, Flipper University shows you tools and tips that, when utilized, can earn you back your investment in 30 days. When you invest in yourself with Flipper Univesity, you have the potential to pay yourself back and keep making money over, and over, and over again. 


Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples and materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas, and techniques. We do not purport this to be a “get-rich scheme.”
Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Your level of success entertaining the results claimed in the course materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas, and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge, and various skills. Since these factors differ according to the individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions.
Any and all forward-looking statements here or on any of our sales material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else's, in fact, no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from our ideas and techniques are material.

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