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Master This Inflation & Recession Proof Niche That Can Make You $500 - $2,000 Per Flip!

These High Profit Appliances Make Us Thousands Of Dollars Each Month

But what's even better is they do the same for our members!

Rubi made $1,900 in just TWO Sales

Adam turned $100 into $1,300 on this one flip
​and does it on a regular basis

And Stacy turned $100 into $1,700 With just ONE flip!

What if you could flip just 4 items a month and make $4,000+?

Our business model is high profit/low volume so we can spend more time with our family and helping others rock out their flipping business!

And flipping these high profit appliances helps us do that!

Our goal is to 10x our investment on our items and we pretty much average that every year.

So how is this even possible?

It's possible because most people are limited to their local market with appliances, but if you offer shipping it's a game changer for your flipping business!

And you aren't like most people. You are ready to rock out your reselling business with high profit appliances right?!

Where else can you get 2,300% ROI??

'Flipping' is the art of finding things that nobody else sees value in and selling them for a profit.

It doesn't matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, a retiree, a millennial, or an employee who hates their 9-5 desk job.

Start making an extra income flipping high profit appliances!

Introducing Flipper University's

High Profit Appliance Flipping Course

In this course you are going to learn:

  • How to find high value appliances at a ridiculously low cost​​
  • ​How to sell them for 10x what you have invested into them (we don't like to invest a lot in one item)​​​
  • ​How to ship them cheaper than anyone else can (including freight shipping methods)
  • ​How to test appliances so you can resell for top dollar
  • ​How to find, list, sell and ship them, all from your smartphone without leaving your house!
  • And So Much More!

'Flipping' is the art of finding things that nobody else sees value in and selling them for a profit.

It doesn't matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, a retiree, a millennial, or an employee who hates their 9-5 desk job.

Start making an extra income flipping high profit appliances!

Hi! We're Rob & Melissa!

We help people make extra income by flipping items - no matter what level of experience you are starting from.

Rob's passion for flipping started when he was a kid and went to yard sales every weekend with his family. (He has 6 older sisters so his parents were frequently hunting for bargains.)

​He started selling some of the things he would find when he was 16 - and hasn't stopped since! It has now grown from a side gig to providing for our family of 5. And we wouldn't change a thing!

Through our whole marriage we used flipping as our "fun money" (vacations, Christmas, and when unexpected bills came up - ok the last one isn't really fun, but sometimes necessary).

​When we started treating our "hobby" of flipping like a real biz, we took it to $42K (5-15hrs/week) and then to $133K (20-30hrs) the following year!

What could you do with an extra

Or maybe you'll be like Paul & Melissa, who have now paid off two loans & two credit cards with their flipping side gig!

What's included in the
​High Profit Appliance Flipping Course?

You will learn how to find, flip, and ship high profit appliances so you can make a higher flipping income without sacrificing more time.

You will get ongoing access to the course videos and trainings as we add them to the members area.

You will also get 6 months of support from like-minded flippers in our members only Facebook community for FREE! ($47/mo after that if you want to continue) 

How would it feel to see a $3,400 Cha-Ching on ebay like Bailey did
(on an item she only paid $100 for!)

And you can do it all from your smartphone!


Yep! We have been working with students to help them take their hands-off their business and run it all from their computer/phone from home!

You will learn how to do it yourself and then be able to hire out the rest and never have to touch the appliances!

So What Exactly is included in the Appliance Flipping Program?

Everything You Get When You Jump Into The Appliance Flipping Program Today

Appliance Flipping Course

Get ongoing access to our Appliance Flipping Course!
Learn how to find high value appliances for a great deal!

Learn how to test and fix them and get them SOLD!!

And shipped to your new buyer! 

$4,997 Value

Full Access To Flipper University Program

Maybe shipping larger items intimidates you a little right now, but let us help you gain the confidence to get there by taking you step by step in your flipping journey!

​Get access to our whole Flipper University Program and coaching group!

$2,997 Value

Top 10 Picks Of The Month Delivered To Your Inbox Monthly! (Each Item Worth $500-$2,000!)

Each month we will send you our Top 10 High Profit Picks Of The Month! 

Each item is worth $500 - $2,000! 

Some of these will be appliances and some will be other items. Some will go freight and some will ship in a box.

$2,000 Value

Monthly LIVE Sourcing In Your Area!

Each month on a LIVE Zoom call we will hop on and look in your area for an item or two worth $1,000 - $2,000! 


​Yep! There is high value stuff EVERYWHERE and we will find items in your area while showing you how to do it! 

$4,997 Value

6 Months Of Facebook Support Group FREE!

Our members group is one of the best!! Yes, of course we are partial, but everyone in there had to invest to be there so we have a great group of like minded individuals! 

You will get 6 months of the group for FREE! After that it's just $47/mo for continued support and live trainings. (No contract you can cancel anytime!)  

$1,200 Value

Limited Spots Available! 

On the fence? We know that feeling all too well.

We are more than happy to jump on a quick phone call to see if this is a good fit for you. You can book a call here on the next page as long as spots are still available.


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