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How I Find Items To Sell On Ebay Worth $1,000+ in Just 15 minutes a day While Sitting In My Lazy Boy At Home

WATCH Video To Learn How!

In This Video You Will Find: 

In This Training You Will Find:

How ANYONE Can Find High Profit Items In Their Area

No matter if you are in a big city or rural area, there are benefits to both! You can find items from anywhere across the country!

Why This Is The Perfect Side Hustle During A Recession

Thrift stores and value stores always thrive during a recession and your flipping side hustle can benefit too!

How Selling High Profit Items SAVES YOU TIME!

How would adding one $1,000 flip help you in your flipping gig? We chose this business model to save us time finding, cleaning, and listing.

Why You Can Keep Finding High Profit Items Over And Over

These items can consistently be found over and over again once you know where to look.

Introducing the Flip Your Way to $10K Program!

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This program is designed to walk you step-by-step through the process of how to grow your flipping gig and reduce the overwhelm!

Do you...

  • ​Desire to make an extra income quickly?
  • ​Feel overwhelmed where to start?
  • ​​Need a step-by-step action plan of how to get from where you are at to where you are going?
  • ​​Feel intimidated by ebay?
  • ​Feel like others can have success reselling but aren't sure that you can do it too?

Did you nod your head several times there? Yep?

That means you are in the right spot to finally get your reselling gig making some good money!

The goal of this Flip Your Way To $10K Program is to get you into our $10K Pro Flipper Club in the next 6 months! (and then keep duplicating the process and grow your flipping income from there!)

So what exactly will be covered in the 6 month program?

Launching Strong: Month 1 - Fueling Your Journey with a $300 - $500 Kickoff Goal!

The goal for the first month is to get you $300-$500 as quickly as possible and start laying the foundation for your flipping business.

Mastering eBay: Month 2 - Building The Foundations To Grow Your Sales On Ebay

Don't let ebay intimidate you any longer! We are going to walk you through step-by-step getting started on ebay the right way. 

Shipping Simplified: Month 3 - Navigating The Shipping Process with Confidence

We know the shipping process can sometimes seem daunting. This month, we are going to help you build your confidence in shipping anything that fits in a box.

Sourcing Success: Month 4 - Finding Valuable Items In Your Area

Spotting items of value is a skill that can be learned by anyone! In month 4 we are going to dive into how we source higher value items and how you can do it in your area.

Mastering Freight: Month 5 - Unleashing Profits through Effective Shipping Strategies

It's no secret that freight shipping is our jam and it's how we've been able to generate higher profit margins in our flipping business. In month 5 we are going to breakdown the freight process and how to get the cheapest rate possible. 

Listing Brilliance: Month 6 - Supercharging Sales and Business Optimization

In month 6 we will review the best business practices and make sure your listings are optimized for sales!

It doesn't matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, a retiree, a millenial, or someone that needs an escape from their 9-to-5 job...

You can start making an extra income doing something you love.

Hi! We're Rob & Melissa

We help people make an extra income by flipping items - no matter what level of experience you are starting from.

My passion for flipping started when I was a kid and went to yard sales every weekend with my mon. (I have 6 older sisters so my parents were frequently hunting for bargains to provide for us!)

I started selling some of the things I would find when he was 16 because I wanted to buy myself a car - and it hasn't stopped since! It has now grown from a side gig to providing for our family of 5. And we wouldn't change a thing!

Through our whole marriage we used flipping as our "fun money" (vacations, Christmas, and when unexpected bills came up - ok the last one isn't really fun, but sometimes necessary.)

When we started treating our "hobby" of flipping like a real biz, we took it to $42K (5-15hrs/week) and then to $133K (20-30hrs) the following year!

Who Is The Flip Your Way To $10K Program For?

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Time Is MONEY!

Have you ever calculated how much you actually make per hour?
Time is the most valuable resource we have and it's something we can't get more of. 

There is no doubt that resellers are hard workers. But how many times have you stared at your death pile and been unmotivated to go through and list one hundred $10 items to make a $1,000? 

What if you could just list ONE item to make that same $1,000?

Same time spent sourcing (some of these items can even be sourced from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy!)

Same time spent taking pictures.

Same time spent listing on ebay and cross-posting on other platforms

A little more time spent shipping the one items, but loads less than shipping 100

Sell Stuff That Sells! 

Sounds logical to create a reselling business with stuff that sells right? 

Some sellers have noticed a decrease in some of their sales but it's because they are selling more wants than needs!  

One key to a business that thrives during an unstable economy is selling what people need and many of these higher profit items are just that! 

We closed out the year last year with our third highest sale of the year! 

An $8,500 oven that we picked up for $400!

Our buyer was happy with buying it for less than half of retail, and we made great money for our efforts! 

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My AHA Moment!

When my job told me that we no longer would have insurance, I had to make the decision to find a new job with health insurance, or try to make this flipping thing work on a full-time scale. 

We made the scary decision that we would jump in with both feet and see what would happen and it put a lot more stress on me than I was used to. 

We had a young family with three kids ages 3 and under and we had to be able to clothe and feed them - all from flipping! 

But it's in some of the scary times when you don't know how it's going to work that amazing things can happen!

I picked up this gorgeous table, chairs and buffet from an auction for $350 and listed it locally for $750. 

After about a month of no bites, I decided to try my chances on ebay. 

I was already an established ebay seller, but shipping something like this seemed out of reach. 

But I was determined that if it sold on ebay I would figure out how to ship it! 

And it sold. 

In three weeks. 

For $2,200 PLUS $500 for shipping!! 


I couldn't get $750 in the local market, but I got $2,200 in the larger market in just a few weeks time. 

That was the sale that changed the trajectory of our business and we want to share it with you! 

It's for: 

  • The person who has been really wanting to grow their flipping business but hasn't made it happen yet
  • ​Someone who feels overwhelmed with too much information all at once and needs small action steps each month
  • ​The person that knows getting to​ $10K in their reselling business in the next 6 months could change the game for their finances in the long run
  • Someone who needs a little extra push and reminders to go take action on your goals. 
  • ​The person ready to take action join the $10K Pro Flipper Club!

Who is This Program Not for?

It's not for: 

  • The person who doesn't want to grow their flipping income.
  • ​Someone who's already making a killing with their ebay busines​s.
  • ​The person that makes an extra $10K in their sleep every night. 
  • Someone who already knows everything and doesn't need to need to be in a community to help and encourage them
  • ​The person who wants to make 10 million dollars in 6 months from flipping.​

Are yOU Ready to join The Pro Flipper Club?

We created the Pro Flipper Club to celebrate YOUR wins!

All the way from the first $1,000...

To the first $100,000!

And Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to hit the $10K Pro Flipper Club in the next 6 months! 

Here is Everything You Get When You Jump Into The Flip Your Way To $10K Program!

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Pathway To $10K Members Area

The Flip Your Way To $10K is designed to reduce the overwhelm of all the information all at once. You will have bite sized action steps to do each month to grow your flipping business to $10,000 in sales and then keep growing from there!

$10,000 Value

Pathway to $10K Binder

When you jump into The Flip Your Way To $10K Program, we will ship you a physical binder for you to keep track of your journey to $10,000! There will be goal sheets and checkboxes for you to download every month and put in the binder.

$997 Value

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Flipping Business Planner

Staying organized is one of the keys to staying profitable with your flipping side hustle!
You will get access to a year long business planner dedicated specifically for your reselling side hustle. This includes 12 months, 4 weeks for each month, and specific sheets to record your inventory, expenses, and mileage log!

$297 Value

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Shipping 101 Library Access

Made a sale and need a refresher on how to ship an odd item? Jump into the shipping 101 library any time you need to watch a demo on how to package a breakable item, learn how to find the cheapest shipping cost, and how to handle anything that gets damaged in shipping (so you are covered and don't lose any money!)

$1,200 Value

Income Calculator

Do you know what you want your monthly income from flipping to be? Awesome! 
Do you know how much you need to have listed to make it happen? 
We interviewed our top sellers of our members group and came up with a formula for YOUR success!
Simply add in your desired annual income in this spreadsheet and it will calculate what you need to do monthly to hit those goals!

$598 Value

Ebay Listing Audit

Want to make sure your listings are primed and ready to make some sales?
Whenever you are ready submit a listing in your members area and we will take a look at it and provide insight on any areas we would improve for a sale!

$297 Value

$10K Flippers Case Studies

Do you want to make this work but nervous that you won't be able to do it? Learn from some of our current $10K Pro Flipper Club members on how they made it work for them! (And how you can too!)

$389 Value

6 Months Of Continuing Education & Support Group Included

Want a group of like minded flippers cheering you on? A group to support you, answer your questions, help you through any obstacles, and one that's just like family? We have just that in our private members group! We also will be hosting weekly Open Office Hours to get your questions answered LIVE! 

$1,000 Value

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EVERYTHING You Are Going To Get When You Join The Flip Your Way To $10K Program TODAY!

  • Pathway To $10K Program                                                                 ($10,000 Value)
  • Pathway to $10K Binder                                                                       ($997 Value)
  • Flipping Business Planner                                                                    ($297 Value)
  • Shiping 101 Library                                                                               ($1,200 Value)
  • ​Income Calculator                                                                                  ($598 Value)
  • ​​Ebay Listing Audit                                                                                   ($297 Value)
  • ​$10K Flippers Case Studies                                                                  ($389 Value)
  • ​6 Months Of Continuing Education Members Support Group​        ($1,000 Value)
  • Pathway To $10K Program                                                   ($10,000 Value)
  • Pathway to $10K Binder                                                                ($997 Value)
  • Flipping Business Planner                                                              ($297 Value)
  • Shiping 101 Library.  ($1,200 Value)
  • ​Income Calculator        ($598 Value)
  • ​​Ebay Listing Audit        ($297 Value)
  • ​$10K Flippers Case Studies                                                         ($389 Value)
  • ​6 Months Of Continuing Education Members Support Group​                                                            ($1,000 Value)

Total Value: +$14,778

Join Today For Just



Just $997

Ready to FINALLY make that $10K Goal from your flipping gig?
Get started TODAY!

One Time Payment

  • Pathway To $10K Members Area
  • ​​Pathway to $10K Binder
  • ​Income Calculator
  • ​Flipping Business Planner
  • ​Shipping 101 Library
  • ​1 ebay Listing Audit (use anytime)
  • ​Case Studies On $10K Pro Flipper Club Members
  • ​Monthly Open Office hours
  • ​6 months of Continuing Education and Member Support FREE (after free 6 months, just $47/mo and can cancel anytime)





Need Payments?

  • Pathway To $10K Members Area
  • ​​Pathway to $10K Binder
  • ​Income Calculator
  • ​Flipping Business Planner
  • ​Shipping 101 Library
  • ​1 ebay Listing Audit (use anytime)
  • ​Case Studies On $10K Pro Flipper Club Members
  • ​Monthly Open Office hours
  • 6 months of Continuing Education and Member Support FREE (after free 6 months, just $47/mo and can cancel anytime)


$397/mo for 6 months



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