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In JUST 4 WEEKS Learn How To

Make Your First $1,000 FLIP on Ebay! 

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In This Video You Will Find: 

In This Training You Will Find:

How ANYONE Can Find & Sell High Profit Items In Their Area

No matter if you are in a big city or rural area, there are benefits to both! You can find & ship items from anywhere across the country!

Why This Is The Perfect Side Hustle During A Recession

There are amazing deals to be found right now and there are so many people on the search to save some money! You can connect the two and get paid well for your time!

How Selling High Profit Items SAVES YOU TIME!

Think about how much time goes into finding, cleaning, listing, and shipping each item. What if you could do the same amount of work for 10-100X the profits!

Why We Chose This Business Model Over Real Estate and Flipping Houses

We have dabbled in both real estate and flipping houses and to us there is so much less capital up front and red tape to get through to start making good money! 

Jacque was able to make over $11,000 on ebay in 4 months after she started with us!

The Problem with MOST Reselling Business Models is You Spend TOO MUCH TIME IN your Flipping Business


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Time Is MONEY!

Have you ever calculated how much you actually make per hour?
Time is the most valuable resource we have and it's something we can't get more of. 

There is no doubt that resellers are hard workers. But how many times have you stared at your death pile and been unmotivated to go through and list one hundred $10 items to make a $1,000? 

What if you could just list ONE item to make that same $1,000?

Same time spent sourcing (some of these items can even be sourced from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy!)

Same time spent taking pictures.

Same time spent listing on ebay and cross-posting on other platforms

A little more time spent shipping the one items, but loads less than shipping 100

Sell Stuff That Sells! 

Sounds logical to create a reselling business with stuff that sells right? 

Some sellers have noticed a decrease in some of their sales but it's because they are selling more wants than needs!  

One key to a business that thrives during an unstable economy is selling what people need and many of these higher profit items are just that! 

We closed out the year with our third highest sale of the year! 

An $8,500 oven that we picked up for $400!

Our buyer was happy with buying it for less than half of retail, and we made great money for our efforts! 

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My AHA Moment!

When my job told me that we no longer would have insurance, I had to make the decision to find a new job with health insurance, or try to make this flipping thing work on a full-time scale. 

We made the scary decision that we would jump in with both feet and see what would happen and it put a lot more stress on me than I was used to. 

We had a young family with three kids ages 3 and under and we had to be able to clothe and feed them - all from flipping! 

But it's in some of the scary times when you don't know how it's going to work that amazing things can happen!

I picked up this gorgeous table, chairs and buffet from an auction for $350 and listed it locally for $750. 

After about a month of no bites, I decided to try my chances on ebay. 

I was already an established ebay seller, but shipping something like this seemed out of reach. 

But I was determined that if it sold on ebay I would figure out how to ship it! 

And it sold. 

In three weeks. 

For $2,200 PLUS $500 for shipping!! 


I couldn't get $750 in the local market, but I got $2,200 in the larger market in just a few weeks time. 

That was the sale that changed the trajectory of our business and we want to share it with you! 

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In the Next 4 Weeks With This LIVE Training

You Will: 

  • Discover WHERE To Find High Value Items For Dirt Cheap
  • Get The Hang Of How To Negotiate And At What Price To Buy Or Walk Away
  • ​Learn How To List An Item To Make It Appealing To Sell 
  • ​Find Out ​What To Do To Help Minimize Returns (We had 1 return in the past 2 years)
  • ​Understand How To Get THE CHEAPEST Cost For Shipping
  • ​Gain The Confidence To Ship ANYTHING!

And We Are Going To Be With You Every Step Of The WAY!

Everything You Get When You Jump Into The Training TODAY

Make Your First $1,000 Flip
LIVE 4 Week Training

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This is the second time we have ever done this training LIVE in real time with you! We are so stoked to walk you through the exact steps I take when finding, selling & shipping these high value items!

Kicks Off January 24th!

$12,000 Value

Lifetime Access To Our FULL
Flipper University Program!

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Don't want to wait until January 24th to get started? You have full access to our Flipper University program! And you get lifetime access to the course and any updates to it. 

$5,997 Value

Get Our Bookkeeping Bundle!

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Get organized in your flipping business this year! Keeping books can be simple as long as you have a consistent way to do it. Our Bookkeeping Bundle includes:  Our Flipper Business Planner - one year of monthly and weekly goal sheets, income and expense records and mileage log sheets. Income Calculator & Inventory Tracker - Calculate how much you need to list to reach those income goals! Reseller Tax Guide - Our guide to navigate taxes as a reseller. 

$597 Value

The FIRST 5 People Who Enroll Will Also Get: 

12 Months Of Our Members Facebook Group!

Want a group of like minded flippers cheering you on? A group to support you, answer your questions, help you through any obstacles, and one that's just like family? We have just that in our private members group! 
After the free 12 months, it will be $97/mo. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime.

$1,164 Value

$2,000 Inventory Guarantee!

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We are SO STOKED about this BONUS!! 

We are going to find you $2,000 worth of inventory in your area in the first 30 days of joining the training! 

This is limited to the first 5 people who jump in.

$2,000 Value

Total Value: $21,758

Join Today For Just


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EVERYTHING You Are Going To Get When You Join The LIVE $1,000 FLIP Training TODAY!

  • Make Your First $1,000 Flip LIVE 4 Week Training                            ($12,000 Value)
  • Lifetime Access To Our FULL Flipper University Program               ($5,997 Value)
  • Bookkeeping Bundle                                                                                ($597 Value)
  • Make Your First $1,000 Flip LIVE 4 Week Training                                                                    ($1,997 Value)
  • Lifetime Access To Our FULL Flipper University Program                                    ($5,997 Value)
  • Bookkeeping Bundle                                                             ($597 Value)

For the first 5 people who enroll: 

For the first 5 people who enroll: 

  • ​12 Months Of Our Members Facebook Group.                                   ($1,164 Value)     
  • Inventory Guarantee! Find You $2,000 Worth Of Inventory              ($2,000 Value)
  • ​12 Months Of Our Members Facebook Group.                                                               ($1,164 Value) 
  • Inventory Guarantee! Find You $2,000 Worth Of Inventory                                                 ($2,000 Value)

Total Value: +$21,758

Join Today For Just


Ok, I know you are probably wondering if this works for other people than just me.. here are what some of our members have said:

Brandon & Kris hit the ground running and made $2,700 on their first sale with us!

 And in less than 2 years have made an extra $25,000 for their family.

Brandon is still working full-time so this is just something they are doing on the side! 

Rubi is a single mom who has really rocked the high value items this year! She pays $100-$200 on her items and sells them for $800-$1,500!

IMG_9325 4 jpg

Amy loved selling vintage items and broke into a few higher value items! She made her first $1,900 sale on ebay with us! 

IMG_3764 7 jpg

Bailey found this item for $100 and sold it for $3,400 on ebay! 

IMG_9998 6 jpg

And Stacy is regularly rolling in with the $1,000-$3,000 ebay sales! 

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We want to share YOUR success story next! 

Jenny is a stay at home mom who homeschools her kids and makes an extra $5k per month on average for her family from her flipping business! 

Here's Our 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that our business model works, that if you apply our strategies in your business and they don't work for you, we will refund your enrollment cost.

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